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If you are interested in being an advocate for a safer Grand Rapids, please email me at  I am looking for people to help me bring the smart meter issue to the Grand Rapids City Council.  Our fellow activists on the east side of the state have had great success in introducing moratoriums on smart meter deployments by their utilities.  If you resent the heavy handed tactics of Consumers Energy and DTE, stand up and let your voice be heard.  I promise you, there is no better feeling than speaking truth to power!!


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What Can We Do to Stop Smart Meters



The challenge is formidable. Consumers Power says they have already committed to buying these meters.

➢ Sign the petition asking for a moratorium on the installation of these meters in Ottawa County until all health, safety, grid security, privacy and unknown IT costs and issues have been made known and resolved.
➢ Educate yourself, talk to your neighbors. We have petitions you can get signed and take to your local governing agency: i.e. township, city and county boards. Ask for local legislation to prohibit the installation of “Smart Meters”.
➢ Keep abreast of local efforts to stop “Smart Meters” by visiting the website:
➢ Show up. Get out for information meetings, ask questions and protest. This will build awareness of the problem.
➢ Spread the word! Talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives. Use your facebook, twitter and email account to share news and progress on the smart grid moratorium.
➢ Write letters to Consumers Power and Michigan Public Service Commission and our state Rep stating you do not want a smart meter installed on your home.

Consumers Power                                                     MPSC
Roger Morgenstern                                                   Commissioner Greg White
1 Energy Plaza Drive                                                 P.O. Box 30221
Jackson, MI 49201-2367                                         Lansing, MI 48909

Michigan 89th District Representative: Amanda Price, N-1193 House Office Building, P.O. Box 30014, Lansing, MI 48909-7514


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Comsumers Energy Answers My Email…

Hope this finds you well!  As a Consumers Energy costumer and a life long resident of Grand Rapids, I have a few questions I would like answered regarding your efforts to put “smart” meters in our town.
1.)  Why is it that 480 towns and 58 counties in California have passed ordinances banning the installation of smart meters?
2.)  What are the health risks posed by the constant emission of EMF radiation from smart meters?
3.)  To whom does Consumers Energy plan on selling the information gathered from these meters?
I have many more questions, but we can start here!  I’m sure whoever is reading this has the best of intentions, but the fact remains, all of our families will be effected by these dangerous devices!  If you have doubts, you can start here:
I look forward to hearing back from you soon.  Have a great day!



Thanks very much for contacting Consumers Energy.  We appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to address your concerns.  While we cannot speak to the actions of communities and utilities in California, we certainly can address the balance of your questions about smart meters.

Smart meters are safe.  Scientific and medical evidence to date suggests that exposure to radio frequency (RF) fields does not cause adverse health effects provided that exposure is within safety guidelines.  The United States government and the international health community — including the World Health Organization and numerous independent studies — have deemed low-level radio frequency to be entirely safe.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) limits for radio transmitters of all types — including smart meters — that include safety margins.  Even so, smart meters operate at far less than the MPE limit.  

Consumers Energy will not sell the information gathered from smart meters to any third party.  In the future, customers who choose to do so may opt to access their own energy use information via a secure website.  Consumers Energy complies with all federal laws regarding the privacy, protection and disclosure of personal information.  The meters and associated communications system are encrypted and equipped with security features to prevent unauthorized access.

Consumers Energy wants to continue to be an information resource for you as you and others in West Michigan learn about the value of smart meters.   We invite you to visit Consumers Energy’s smart grid website ( to learn more about our plans and receive additional information.  If you have additional questions, please send an e-mail to, or call (800) 477-5050.  We also encourage you to visit the smart grid websites of the Michigan Public Service Commission (,4639,7-159-56137—,00.html) and the U.S. Department of Energy ( for more information.  Thanks again.

Brian Barthelmes
Smart Grid Communications Analyst, Consumers Energy

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CMS Energy is Parent Company to Consumers Energy

Click here to view CMS/Consumers Energy Corporate Officers

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List of SmartGrid Symposium Shills

From May 18-20, 2011, smart meter advocates met in Dearborn, Michigan.  Companies like GE, Honeywell, AT&T, Comcast, US Navy and Verizon all sent representatives.  I don’t know about you, but I trust that these corporations have the health and privacy of my family at the top of their priority list!  This is a link to the names and email addresses of the attendees for the SmartGrid Symposium.  Let them know how much you appreciate their benevolent intentions!  Read The List

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Kristin van Reesema – A Name to Remember

  The radiation from “smart” meters is harmful to your friends and family too, Kristin!!

Kristin van Reesema is the Project Manager for Smart Street (Consumers Energy), a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based project, that combines smart grid technology and energy efficiency measures. Read more

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Consumers Energy’s Front Man for Smart Meter Saturation of Grand Rapids

 Roger Morgenstern, Smart Grid Communication Coordinator with Consumers Energy

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