If you are interested in being an advocate for a safer Grand Rapids, please email me at  I am looking for people to help me bring the smart meter issue to the Grand Rapids City Council.  Our fellow activists on the east side of the state have had great success in introducing moratoriums on smart meter deployments by their utilities.  If you resent the heavy handed tactics of Consumers Energy and DTE, stand up and let your voice be heard.  I promise you, there is no better feeling than speaking truth to power!!


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  1. Janice Hicks

    I used to live in Harbor Springs, Michigan where after six Wifi Smart Meters, made by ITRON, INC. placed on our quadraplex, next to our bedroom walls. We were never told they would be changed out, we were never asked if we had a pacemaker which it can stop. 5 months after they were installed , un beknown to us, I and my neighbors began to have increased body temperature, heart irregularity, ringing in the ears, interrupted sleep, heart bypass, cancer, head and neck and backaches. I reported to my doctor that I was waking up several times a night for no reason. (I would normally listen to my radio at night and about every few minutes some noise would come on the radio and block out the program, and last for 20 seconds or so.) She then ordered a Sleep Study which cost $5K each, and I had to have 2. One to diagnose and one to see how the machine was working after I started on a C-Pap. The doctor told me that I had no REM or DREAM Sleep going on, due to being awaken so frequently. I never thought about it then but after she told me that , I realized that I hadn’t dreamed in months, I was exhausted when I woke up. I also began to have a lower Platelet level and those cell types were “immature”. That scared the heck out of me. So I moved to Traverse CIty, where Cherryland Electric has all of their digital meters hard wired, no Wifi’s, and they collect data twice at the meter per day. Very safe way to do it……
    I went before the City of Harbor Springs, Mi, City Council twice concerning the Smart Meters, after much discussion with ITRON, Public Health Commission of Michigan with a Electrical Engineer, who said we would be having millions of mega hertz in each of our apartments at all times. I having a metal post and gold teeth would ‘absorb more , be more sensitive” than maybe someone else, because I was serving as an antenna.
    The Mayor was very rude, he did not want to “hear anymore about Smart Meters”. The City Manager said he only goes by what the W.H.O. says and they say they are safe. One city councilman was the only one who thought he should read and look over the 48 pages I submitted to them all…..No one
    else was interested. The conclusion of the two meetings was, They would not remove them, they were safe as far as they were concerned, and I was “crazy”, a electric meter is not going to cause all of those health problems.
    Of course, my doctor would not testify because she had no idea of what a Smart Meter even was. Even though there are now doctors specializing in Electromagnetic Pollution. They wanted a doctor to say these health problems were causing my symptoms.
    Since moving away from the Smart Meters in October , 2011, to Traverse City. Which was my only option, I had for my own health and survival. Which was very expensive to do by the way. Now, I do not have interrupted sleep, in fact I do not need my C-Pap machine anymore! Think of the cost of the Sleep Studies and Doctors expense that the smart meters caused the health insurance companies! Now, I dream every night now…My body temperature is normal now. My blood labs are normal now, I have no aches and pains during the day, no headaches, the ringing in the ears are diminishing. And In October, I went to a doctor here in Traverse City, who did test me for EMF Sensitivity, and he said “I was EMF sensitive” and he gave me something to wear in my pocket that would deflect them when working on the computer. which also emits EMFS.
    I am also concerned about Water Fluoridation which started in Grand Rapids. I also have Osteoporosis and Hypothyroidism which I believe and know was caused from fluoridated water in Michigan and drinking some chemical for prevention of tooth decay. That is another unconstitutional mandate that needs to be Stopped for Michigan Residents health.
    Again, governments prescribing toxic chemicals or electrical pollution without a license to “Practice Medicine or Dentistry”……
    Wake up to the facts that City Councilman are only out for power and money making for themselves and corporations , at our expense and health……….its not worth it folks , to allow our government to destroy us. and our children, to keep the medical field prospering……!

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