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Smart Meter Opt-Out Legislation Introduced


Representative Tom McMillin (R) of Rochester introduced today, along with 8 co-sponsors, proposed smart meter opt-out legislation in the Michigan House of Representatives.  The bill, known as H.B. 5411, contains a whole series of prohibitions against the electric utility companies of the state with regard to what are termed “advanced meters” and directs the Michigan Public Services Commission (MPSC) to enforce these prohibitions. Click here to continue reading this post.


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If you are interested in being an advocate for a safer Grand Rapids, please email me at  I am looking for people to help me bring the smart meter issue to the Grand Rapids City Council.  Our fellow activists on the east side of the state have had great success in introducing moratoriums on smart meter deployments by their utilities.  If you resent the heavy handed tactics of Consumers Energy and DTE, stand up and let your voice be heard.  I promise you, there is no better feeling than speaking truth to power!!

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Grand Haven Community Center

Downstairs Escanaba Room

421 Columbus Avenue

Grand Haven, MI 49417

Per Roger Morgenstern, Consumers Energy SmartGrid Coordinator, Consumers Energy plans to ‘present information addressing concerns on security, safety (RF issues) and privacy’ which Consumers saw as the primary concerns mentioned at the 11-17-11 meeting.

We have asked ‘if technical personnel, intimately familiar w/ all aspects of the technology and its intended deployment will be present to answer specific questions in great detail?’   We have also asked that the topic of ‘dirty electricity’ be addressed.

SmartMeter Update 

Michigan Public Service Commission:   MPSC Order U-17000 dated 01-12-12.

The Order is requiring all regulated utilities in the State of Michigan to answer 9 questions based on the information these utilities are aware of.  The MPSC will complete their review & analysis to the extent their staff is trained in these matters.

Utility responses are due by March 16, 2012.

Public comments are due by April 16, 2012.

MPSC Final Report is due June 26, 2012

Here is an article discussing our concern with the MPSC Order and its lack of transparency, and depth of investigation & evaluation.

Here is a link to the MPSC U-17000 Public Docket Submission

You will find some 32 submittals by citizens concerned w/ this technology as of 01-28-12.

Please take the time to submit your own opinions and any research or personal experience, to add to the availability of ‘public information’ such that the utilities will be able to have access to scientific research expressed by other independent scientists, researchers and medical professionals, other than that which they subscribe to.

Here is direction on how to submit your own statement to the Public Docket from the MPSC Order itself.

Electronic comments may be emailed to: Any person requiring assistance prior to filing comments, may contact Commission Staff at (517) 241-6180. All comments should reference Case No. U-17000. Comments and other documents received in this proceeding will become public information, posted on the Commission’s website, and subject to disclosure.

What can YOU do?

Attend the meeting on 2/7

Write letters to the editors of local newspapers. 

These need to be submitted no later than tuesday 01-31-12 to ensure they will be printed in time for the tuesday 02-07-12 meeting.

Submit your personal statement to the MPSC U-17000 Public Docket within the next few weeks via e-mail or USPS. 

Multiple submissions are possible.

Please note the following websites:  (California original organizers)

Database to collect SmartMeter related complaints.

Asks specifically if interested in putting SmartMeter to vote & willingness to participate in class action lawsuit)

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Consumers Energy going forward with smart meters despite investigation by Michigan Public Service Commission

Tarryl Jackson | Jackson Citizen Patriot By Tarryl Jackson | Jackson Citizen PatriotThe Jackson Citizen Patriot
Consumers Energy plans to go forward with its deployment of smart meters despite an investigation launched by the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Last week, the commission announced the investigation, saying that electric customers in the state and several municipalities have expressed concerns about the installation of such meters.

The commission wants information from utilities by March 16, and a public comment period is open until April 16.

The MPSC plans to review recommendations about the use of smart meters at a later date.

The company is investing $750 million into smart-grid technology in  response to the state’s 21st Century Energy Plan, which emphasizes the  need for renewable energy and energy conservation.

Consumers Energy plans to start its smart meter deployment in Muskegon County in August and expects to have 50,000 meters deployed in Muskegon and Ottawa counties by the end of the year, said Roger Morgenstern, smart grid communications coordinator at Consumers Energy.

There are currently about 5,000 pilot smart meters installed in Jackson County.

“We will be working closely with the MPSC to give them and their staff the information they are looking for,” he said. “We don’t see it having an effect on our deployment schedule.”

Smart meters allow residents to see exactly how much energy they are using on a real-time basis, allowing them to adjust usage to cut monthly bills, company officials say.

It also has the capability to alert the utility if the power goes out, without the customer having to report the outage. Meters will send a “last gasp” signal, helping the company locate the problem and find an alternate route for sending energy.


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What Can We Do to Stop Smart Meters



The challenge is formidable. Consumers Power says they have already committed to buying these meters.

➢ Sign the petition asking for a moratorium on the installation of these meters in Ottawa County until all health, safety, grid security, privacy and unknown IT costs and issues have been made known and resolved.
➢ Educate yourself, talk to your neighbors. We have petitions you can get signed and take to your local governing agency: i.e. township, city and county boards. Ask for local legislation to prohibit the installation of “Smart Meters”.
➢ Keep abreast of local efforts to stop “Smart Meters” by visiting the website:
➢ Show up. Get out for information meetings, ask questions and protest. This will build awareness of the problem.
➢ Spread the word! Talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives. Use your facebook, twitter and email account to share news and progress on the smart grid moratorium.
➢ Write letters to Consumers Power and Michigan Public Service Commission and our state Rep stating you do not want a smart meter installed on your home.

Consumers Power                                                     MPSC
Roger Morgenstern                                                   Commissioner Greg White
1 Energy Plaza Drive                                                 P.O. Box 30221
Jackson, MI 49201-2367                                         Lansing, MI 48909

Michigan 89th District Representative: Amanda Price, N-1193 House Office Building, P.O. Box 30014, Lansing, MI 48909-7514


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LOCAL EVENT!! 11-17-11

Halt SmartMeter Roll-Out, NOW
Organizational Meeting

Thursday 7pm – 8:30pm

Grand Haven Community Center
421 Columbus Avenue
Grand Haven, MI  49417
Downstairs, Escanaba Room


Volunteers for Immediate Research:
a.  Insurance coverage for physical damage to home & health claims related to occupants
b.  Regulation of SmartMeters  FCC & MPSC  (cell towers/electrical)… this is an issue.
c.  MPSC Electrical Rate Plans… Where are these costs originating from… under renewables or distribution or securitization catagories?  We are paying directly.  Not indirectly thru stimulus $.

 – Volunteers for Researching Underlying Issues

 -Volunteers for Helping Bring New Products & Jobs Related to Addressing Underlying Issues

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Consumers Energy program aims to put smart grid technology in every home by 2019

Tarryl Jackson | Jackson Citizen Patriot The Jackson Citizen Patriot

By 2019, Jackson County residents will no longer have to guess what their monthly electric bill will be. They’ll be able to track energy use and costs, which could help them save money.

This will be made possible by Consumers Energy’s smart grid technology, a cutting-edge $750 million investment for the Jackson-based utility.

CMS_fade_9inW.jpgConsumers Energy is headquartered in downtown Jackson.

“It’s a win-win on the customer’s side,” said Thomas Harmes, who is part of regulatory and business partnering for the smart grid program.

The smart grid is the company’s response to the state’s 21st Century Energy Plan that emphasizes the need for renewable energy and energy conservation. Read more

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