Costly fiasco of smart meters that don’t work: Millions of devices may be replaced, warns watchdog

By Laura Thompson

Last updated at 10:59 PM on 27th January 202

Millions of green energy meters  may have to be replaced because the technology is not working properly.

Homes and businesses which have already installed the digital devices have had problems switching to cheap deals and are even being hit with extra fees.

Many meters could have to be stripped out altogether and reinstalled with a Government-approved model.

Going green: Ofgem has said the new meters may be 'useless'Going green: Ofgem has said the new meters may be ‘useless’

A Daily Mail investigation has revealed how some small businesses are being charged 20p a day simply to have a smart meter while many homeowners are being asked to give readings to energy firms because the technology is not transmitting their data properly.

The latest green energy fiasco is the result of suppliers pressing ahead with installing their own smart meters before the Government has decided on a standard model.

Every home and small business  is due by 2019 to get a smart device, which is designed to show people how much energy they are using by the minute, so encouraging them to cut back to save money and energy.

However, even though installing the meters does not officially begin until 2014, many energy companies, including E.ON and Npower, are already doing so.

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