Smart Meter Consumer’s Anger Grows Over Higher Utility Bills

Why are consumers reporting dramatically higher utility bills after smart meters are installed? 

Higher than normal utility bills and overbilling due “inaccurate” smart meters have lead to lawsuits, including two class-action lawsuits in Bakersfield, CA, and Texas. 

As you read the news reports and complaints below, you’ll be alarmed to learn that even though consumers are shifting their energy use, reducing energy consumption and making their homes more energy efficient, their utility bills have suddenly doubled or tripled.  You’ll be saddened to hear the tragic stories of families who can’t meet these new higher bills and must choose between either feeding their kids or paying the utility bills, or are resorting to ice-age living, turning off the heat and resorting to candles.  You’ll also be angry to learn how the current billing, customer service and field accuracy testing standards and practices are inadequate and failing consumers.  They are grosslyunacceptable, and affecting consumers’ quality of life.  Our families and seniors are already stressed and burdened trying to survive and manage in today’s hard-pressed economic times. Read More


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